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Barcelona could join English Premier League, claims Catalan sports minister

Could we see Stoke City v Barcelona on a wet Tuesday night in future? The Catalan sports minister seems to think so, especially if the people of Catalonia vote for independence this weekend.

If Catalonia were to become independent from Spain, it has been said by the Spanish FA that Barcelona – along with other sides from the area such as Espanyol and Girona – would be barred from competing in La Liga.

So, Gerard Figueras, the Catalan sports minister reasons, they could end up applying to compete in another league, such as Serie A, Ligue Un or the Premier League. He noted that clubs from Andorra compete in the Spanish league, while Monaco play in Ligue Un and Welsh clubs are in the English Football League.

However, this scenario is just hypothetical at the moment. The Spanish government has said that Catalonia’s independence referendum is illegal and the Prime Minister has said that the vote won’t happen.

In a recent statement, Barcelona said it would respect the will of the majority of Catalan people.

So, while the idea of Barcelona in the Premier League will remain a dream, its just nice to think about what it would be like. Who wouldn’t want to see Messi and co up close every weekend?